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New Degree Course in Materials Science at the Hamburg University of Technology

TUHH launches a German premiere by offering the country's first degree course in Materials Science (M. Sc.) with focus on multic-scale materials

The programme is aimed at bachelor graduates in engineering, physics or chemistry. The four-semester, research-oriented degree programme will start in the winter semester 2015.

Materials are catalysts of innovation

Whether classic or nano materials and hybrid materials: materials are the driving force for innovative product developments in industry. They boost the competitiveness of companies and bring along resource-saving effects for the environment. To achieve these positive effects, materials scientists develop new material concepts in key areas such as energy storage and conversion, and structural lightweight construction, or improve existing materials and adapt them to the ever-changing demands of global competition. Material scientists know the complex implications of the structure, composition, processing steps and the environmental influences on the behaviour of materials in practical use.

Curriculum Unique in Germany

In the curriculum unique in Germany, scientific questions from the atom up to the final component will be asked in the degree course. In all tuition, TUHH will be able to benefit from its expertise in the fields of quantum mechanics on nanostructures, advanced composites, biomaterials, and microsystem technology. In addition, structural and materials research is strongly anchored in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region, with TUHH maintaining powerful partnerships with the Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht (HZG) and the German Electron Synchrotron DESY.

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