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BID Nikolaiquartier © Otto Wulff BID Gesellschaft mbH, Schoppe und Partner, On3Studio

New BID: Nikolai quarter to undergo revitalisation

Hamburg officially implements the inner city's seventh Business Improvement District (BID) to upgrade the area in the backyard of city hall.

The Nikolai Quarter consists of eleven streets with 70 plots. The local landowners will invest some 9.3 million euro into the public spaces of Hamburg’s seventh inner city BID, and 16th of the city, state. Thus, the BID Nikolai-Quartier will be the most comprehensive project of its kind in Germany. In addition, the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg will invest 2.85 million euro into the general overhaul of the street Großer Burstah and Große Johannisstraße.

Upgrading the backyard of city hall

Implemented by Otto Wulff BID Gesellschaft mbH, key objective of Hamburg’s latest BID is the upgrade of 55,000 square metres of public spaces. Also on the agenda are cleaning and service measures and the development and implementation of a marketing programme in co-operation with the Hamburg City Management Association. The upgrade of public spaces will take place from early 2015 to late 2017 and will cost roughly six million euro. In addition, the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg will invest additional 2.85 million euro into the general renewal of Großen Burstah and Große Johannisstraße. There, the BID will improve the walkways for pedestrians.

Works to start in 2015

Responsible for these works will be the offices of Breimann und Bruun and Schoppe und Partner (Adolphsplatz) as winners of a respective contest. The road and traffic planning lies in the hands of ARGUS Stadt- und Verkehrsplanung. The construction work is scheduled to begin in spring 2015 in the neighborhood around city hall and Börsenbrücke. Großer Burstah and Große Johannisstraße are to follow in summer 2015. Work in the neighbourhood’s other areas, i.e. around Hopfenmarkt, Alter Wall, Mönckedamm and Adolphsplatz, are scheduled to commence in 2016.

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On Nikolai Quarter

Covering some 13 hectares. the area between city hall and the port is the cradle of the merchant city of Hamburg. As early as the 11th century, businesses starting to accumulate around Nikolaifleet, Hamburg’s small beginnings as a port. Just a stone’s throw away, Hamburg’s second church was built here in the 12th century in the form of a wooden chapel that was dedicated to St. Nicolas, the patron saint of shipping. Other prominent historical features of this quarter were the old city Hall and (from 1583 until 1842) the old stock exchange. Nowadays, the Nikolai Quarter – which derives its name from the former parish – is an extremely busy part of the city. Around 600 firms do business there, and apart from the “new” city hall (1897) and the “new” stock exchange from 1841), this is also the place where the big merchant banks such as Commerzbank, Deutsche Bank, Hypovereinsbank, and Hamburger Sparkasse, are located.

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