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More Buses and Metro Trains In Hamburg

704 million people travel on Hamburg's public transport network each year. Important regional employer

The Office of Statistics Hamburg & Schleswig-Holstein presented its evaluation to the development of public transport in Hamburg in early March. By the end of 2014, 34 companies of public rail transport and commercial road passenger transport were registered in Hamburg.

Staff Figures Increased By 21 Per Cent

In these companies, 8,400 persons were employed, and thus 21 per cent more than in 2009. While company numbers slightly declined, the average number of employees per company rose from 187 to 246. For the most part, companies were privately operated. The fleet of companies consisted of nearly 400 rail cars and 1,790 buses.

Buses Confirmed As Backbone

The Hamburg transport network covers 321 routes with a total length of around 4,500 kilometres. The statisticians also confirmed Hamburg excellent links to the neighbouring states of Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein, with the latter accounting for a 25 per cent share of services by Hamburg’s public transport operators.

704 Million Passengers Each Year

The driving performance in line transport increased by two per cent to 108.1 million vehicle kilometers. With 77 per cent, buses carry two-thirds of the traffic load; metro rail services only account for 23 per cent. Overall, buses covered 6.6 million kilometres in scheduled and charter services, so statisticians.

Passenger figures nearly remained unchanged in the oldest transport association in the world: 704 million people used buses and trains. With their tickets, they washed 752 million euro in the coffers of the transport companies.

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