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"Masterplan Handwerk 2020" to be continued

Plan outlines eight fields of activity including securing skilled workers and qualification, areas for trade companies, business start-ups and business succession

Olaf Scholz, Mayor of Hamburg, Frank Horch, Senator for Economics, and Josef Katzer, president of the Chamber of Crafts, signed Tuesday (November 1) the “Masterplan Handwerk 2020” which was drawn up in 2011. The plan outlines measures to be implemented by 2020 and then evaluated and updated. Around 15,000 craft companies in Hamburg employ around 120,000 people.

Anchor of stability for Hamburg’s economy

The plan outlines eight fields of activity: securing skilled workers and qualification, commercial zone provision for craft companies, promoting trade and innovation, business start-ups and business succession, public procurement, quality policy, environment and the city as partner to the image campaign of crafts. Scholz noted: “Trade and SMEs have proven anchors of stability for commerce in Hamburg especially in troubled times. Professions in crafts are also models for training young people. However, crafts also need attractive and reliable framework conditions. The master-plan has proven a means of strategy and dialogue between the senate and Chamber of Crafts in this respect.”

15, 000 trade companies in Hamburg

The update foresees agreements on commercial zone provision for crafts companies to counter the shortage of such areas. Katzer said: “The framework conditions for our firms have clearly improved. We have achieved plenty in each field of activity for crafts and thus for the entire city. The people of Hamburg need craftspeople as service providers, employers and for training and not just in the region but right in the city.” The master-plan aims to provide over 15,000 trade companies in Hamburg and around 120,000 employees with reliable and attractive, secure framework conditions and which have withstood the test, according to Horch.

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