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Hamburg To Set Up Lab For MINT Talents

First North German research center for school students to be set up in the Hanseatic City

North Germany’s first research center for school students will be established in Hamburg. The Office of Schooling and Professional Training (Behörde für Schule und Berufsbildung, BSB), the Joachim Herz Stiftung, the Körber Foundation, NORDMETALL Employers’ Association, and Universität Hamburg are founding partners. They aim to bring together and foster young talents with a particular interest in mathematics, informatics, the natural sciences, and technology (MINT).

On Monday, 14 December 2015, the founding fathers sealed their cooperation plan. They will start building in 2016, hoping to welcome the first young scientist at the beginning of 2017.

Teachers And Pupils To Benefit

In the north’s first research facility for pupils and teachers alike, students will be able to benefit from first class labs and workshops to pursue their own research projects for a short or long term. A special feature of the Student Research Centre Hamburg will be its dual purpose, serving also as a teaching-learning laboratory for aspiring teachers. Also, students can gain experience with open forms of learning.

Targeted Youth Development

The Student Research Centre will be funded by its founding partners, i.e. foundations, association, and the university of Hamburg, with approximately 4.8 million euro. The Hamburg Ministry of Education will cover all cost related to two teaching posts. The foundations and the employer associations thus want to close a gap between general offers to the young public to discover science, and targeted youth development. Hamburg has already been offering numerous extracurricular activities such as information days, school lectures or exercise modules to explore science at the University of Hamburg, the Hamburg University of Technology, the HAW Hamburg or DESY. However, new talent was hard to be discovered among the science-interested crowds attending these events. To better promote new talent, Körber Foundation, Joachim Herz Foundation and Nordmetall thus entered a new alliance with the Hamburg Ministry of Education and the University of Hamburg to set up a Student Research Centre in Hamburg.

New Asset for Hamburg as City of Knowledge

Ties Rabe, Hamburg Minister of Education, is pleased about the co-operation: “The Student Research Centre will give youth the chance to develop their talents and interests. At the same time, the involvement of teacher education allows valuable feedback to the schools. Experienced teachers will get involved as tutors, and teachers of tomorrow will be receiving methodical impulses. “

Dieter Lenzen, president of the University of Hamburg, is confident that the project is an important impetus for the research location Hamburg. Lenzen added: “The Student Research Centre is a bridge for the young into the world of science and technology. Universities of the city, and ultimately Hamburg as a science city will benefit from the Student Research Centre.”

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