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Körber on growth course with Innovations 4.0

Körber receives record orders thanks to Innovations 4.0 - increases to EUR 171 million

Körber international technology group has continued its strategic growth trajectory for the 2016 fiscal year with incoming orders increasing by over 7 per cent to EUR 2,357 million (previous year: EUR 2,191 million) – a record level in group history, a press release said Friday. Thanks to successful operative business, group revenues rose to EUR 2,215 million in 2016 (2015: EUR 2,317 million). The drop in revenues of around 4 per cent is due entirely to portfolio changes made in the previous year. The result increased by 21 per cent to EUR 171 million (2015: EUR 141 million) and corresponds to a profit margin of over 7 per cent (2015: 6 per cent). The annual net income amounted to EUR 60 million (2015: EUR 34 million).

Stephan Seifert, Chairman of the Körber Group Executive Board, said: “We are constantly expanding our knowledge, our technologies, and our range of services in digitization throughout the group and adding this to our list of competences. We are certain that digital and connected products and processes are pivotal elements in ensuring the success of our customers – and us likewise. We are already providing top-quality solutions, and we are working with our customers to develop more.”

Focus on digital innovations

Digital innovations such as smart machine components, collaborative robotics solutions, and intelligent packaging to simplify patient communication, as well as a connected service technician who responds in real time, play a key role in the company’s growth strategy. Seifert added: “At Körber, we call our targeted perspective on digital solutions and Industry 4.0 applications Innovation 4.0.” Körber’s financial basis will allows the company to invest in future technologies that match the growth strategy. At the end of 2016, the group employed 11,246 employees worldwide (2015: 11,578).

Extending Innovations 4.0

Based on the first quarter of 2017, Körber Group Executive Board has expressed confidence about the future and is expecting increasing, incoming orders and revenues. Seifert noted: “In terms of investments, we are again constructively focusing on research and development. With digital innovations, we are reinforcing the leading market positions of our Business Areas in the core business. We will continue to win over our customers with Innovation 4.0.”

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