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Kemm'sche Kuchen © Kemm 1782 Hamburg GmbH

Kemm’sche Kuchen Are Back

Produced in Hamburg since 1782, the spicy biscuits are reviving the brand with new packaging sizes and events

Since 1 October 2015, Georg Parlasca has been the new managing director of Kemm 1782 Hamburg GmbH. His first act was to bring the traditional biscuit brand back to Hamburg from Krefeld. In successful years, the company once sold up to two million bags of the gingerbread biscuit. Last sales, however, hovered around 700,000 pieces.

New Online Presence

“In future, Hamburg and Kemm will once again form a union”, explains Jens Wohlrab, who has been responsible for marketing and sales at Kemm since January. To achieve this goal, for example, Kemm will promote its famous biscuit at typical Hamburg events such as the port anniversary or the Alster lake festival Alstervergnügen . The newly relaunced “website”: http: // also shows that Kemm’schen Kekse also ventures into new fields in the virtual world. “Currently, we are planning our Facebook page and a blog to promote even more market our brown biscuits”, said Wohlrab. The cult biscuit can be ordered online, for instance, at the p World of Sweets.

A Biscuit With A Coffee

In 2016, a thin shortbreat will be added to the assortment entrepreneurs. “Moreover,” says Wohlrab “we want to a new product next year around.” For detailed information will be disclosed later. With three biscuits on the marked, the product portfolio will be fine for the moment, as the core brand will have to be retained. Another step in Wohlrabs marketing campaign is the distribution of individually packaged Kemm’sche Kuchen biscuits in Hamburg restaurants and hotels. “With this free addition to a cup of coffee, we particularly want to address Hamburg tourists.”

Regional Partners

Besides the biscuits, metal biscuit tins are another tradition of Kemm’sche Kekse. In future, their classic design will be expanded and incorporate some typical Hanseatic motifs, like the Köhlbrandbrücke, the Hamburger Dom or the Hamburg character Johann Wilhelm Bentz, known for his answer to a tease: “Hummel, Hummel – Mors, Mors”. Responsible for the design of the new boxes is the Hamburg-based agency “Team North”: http: // that also designed the new biscuit bags. Local partner are quintessential to the corporate philosophy. “From the rye flour to brown syrup, we purchase as many ingredients as possible in Hamburg and the surrounding area”, said Wohlrab.

International Markets

In the long term, Kemm’schen Kekse plan to conquer markets far beyond Hamburg’s city borders. Thus, first tests are being carried out in Wuppertal. Initially, Kemm will venture into Schleswig-Holstein, Bremen and East Friesland. Later, an international expansion may follow.

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