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Hamburg's East: The New Home of Industry 4.0

New website to provide pieces of information and to stimulate the discussion of Billbrook's and Rothenburgort's development prospects

Hamburg wants to strengthen the business dynamics of Billbrook and Rothenburgsort as attractive commercial and industrial areas in order to attract new companies and to create future-oriented employment. Interested parties are thus invited to join the discussion on development options for Hamburg’s east. Tor promote the business locations, a new website has been launched.

Magnet for Modern Industrial Enterprises

To turn Billbrook and Rothenburgsort into attractive industrial and commercial areas attracting modern industrial enterprises like a magnet Hamburg will employ profiling and urban spatial measures. The IBA Hamburg GmbH and the HWF Hamburg Business Development Corporation were thus commissioned by the Hamburg Ministry of Economy, Transport, and Innovation (BWVI) to draw up a plan of action for the modernisation and revitalisation of the traditional industrial locations in Hamburg’s east.

Location for Future-Oriented Projects

To make this process more transparent and to promote dialogue, the new website “”: http: // provides ample information on the sites, the urban development concept, and the agents involved in the development of both areas.

“Hamburg needs to do more to give industrial companies room for development. They are mainly investing in future-oriented projects. In Hamburg’s east, we want to give the industry 4.0 a new, attractive home”, said Frank Horch, Hamburg Minister of the Economy, Transport, and Innovation, on occasion of the website’s official launch. “With the new website, we created a platform for information and dialogue. “

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