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IBA To Continue Wilhelmsburg's Successful Urban Revitalisation

IBA Hamburg contracted as a project developer for three areas on the Elbe island. Residential and commercial projects planned

The Hamburg Ministry of Urban Development and Environment has contracted IBA Hamburg GmbH as an urban project developer for housing projects with up to to 4,000 residential units in five areas in the district of Wilhelmsburg.

Project Development at Wilhelmsburg

Jutta Blankau, Hamburg Minister of Urban Development: “Wilhelmsburg immensely benefitted from the International Building Exhibition IBA Hamburg. With our “Leap across the Elbe” framework, we have already presented a strategy for the future. Now, we contract IBA and its extensive know-how for the project development of Wilhelmsburg. Wilhelmsburg is a key component of urban development in Hamburg. With our choice of IBA as project developers, we ensure the positive development of the Elbe island to continue with great momentum even after the exhibition.” Uli Hellweg, Managing Director IBA Hamburg GmbH:” With the continuation of the IBA Hamburg GmbH as urban project developer, the basis has been set to ensure a high-quality sustainable development of Wilhelmsburg and other Hamburg districts. IBA pursues a holistic urban redevelopment with people living and working in their respective neighbourhood.”

4,000 New Residential Units

After the presentation year of the International Building Exhibition in 2013, the IBA Hamburg GmbH had begun to examine options for further large housing projects in mixed neighborhoods with residential and commercial use and open spaces. Now, cost have been named and financing plans been set up for the design and construction of approximately 4,000 new dwelling in predominantly urban areas of Wilhelmsburg. Against this background, the Hamburg Senate entrusted IBA Hamburg GmbH with the project development for three areas, e.g. Georgswerder, Dratelnstraße, and Georg-Wilhelm-Höfe.

Mixed Use Neighbourhoods

In close vicinity of the energy hill of Georgswerder in the north-east of the Elbe island, some 250 residential units are to be erected on 9.5 hectares on the Kirchwiese plot and in the course of densification at Niedergeorgswerder Deich. Detached homes for one or two families are included in the planing. The needs of skilled trades will be met by the development of a three hectare plat at Fiskalische Straße that will be turned into a 19,000 square metre large industrial site for commercial use. Further 300 residential units are to be erected at short-term at Dratelnstraße, with 700 units to follow until 2023 in close vicinities to the shopping and service centre of Wilhelmsburg Mitte in the heart of the district. In the south of Wilhelmsburg, i.e. between Trettaustraße and Kurdamm, further 150 residential units in apartment blocks are to be constructed on 1.5 hectare as second phase of Georg-Wilhelm-Höfe until 2019.

Projekt Development For Additional Two Areas

In addition, IBA will commence detailed studies on two other areas with large potential for urban development and mixed use. In Wilhelmsburg’s central north-south axis along the former bed of Wilhelmsburger Reichsstraße between Ernst-August-Kanal in the north and Rotenhäuser Straße in the south, a new urban neighbourhood for working and living will be erected on 49 hectares, incorporating 1,750 to 2,000 residential units. In the south of Georg-Wilhelm-Straße, 22 hectare will be examined for development by 2020 as a residential area close to nature, with Wilhelmsburg’s Island Park at the doorstep, or, alternatively, as an area for commercial use and allotment gardens.

Leap Across The Elbe To Be Continued

As part of IBA Hamburg, a very positive development has been set in motion in Wilhelmsburg by the many structural, social and infrastructural projects and Wilhelmburg’s new Island Park. This development is to be further strengthened and stabilised in future, with projects being implemented within the framework of “Hamburg’s Leap across the Elbe” and the cities vision “picture of the future 2013+”. The project area covered by the “Leap across the Elbe” programme extends from the districts of Veddel and Wilhelmsburg to the Port of Hamburg and form a key objective of Hamburg’s urban development. Wilhelmsburg and Harburg boast a potential of more than 5,000 residential units along with commercial and services produced in vibrant neighbourhoods.

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