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HSBA Digital Innovation Lab opens

Di-lab to launch more start-ups in Hamburg. EU Commissioner for Digital Economy Günther Oettinger comes to festive opening

A joint push of the buzzer, a fanfare and the HSBA Digital Innovation LAB was officially open. The new “Di-Lab” in its function as a spin-in-centre or “Corporate Garage” will launch new, internal start-ups and combine creative ideas and innovative business models with scientific findings of an application-orientated college like the HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration.

Bringing start-ups and classic economic figures together

EU Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, Gunther Oettinger, who attended the festive opening ceremony on Monday, stressed the advantage of close proximity to the economy and politics – the Chamber of Commerce and City Hall are opposite each other – as well as the advantages of the building housing the Chamber of Commerce InnovationsCampus (HKIC) itself. Speaking during the opening, Oettinger noted: “That creates a spatial platform for a network that brings start-ups together with classic figures in commerce.” Fritz Horst Melsheimer, Hamburg Chamber of Commerce President, added: “I wish the di-lab to bring digital illumination which is important especially for the middle class.”

From developing business models to testing prototypes

Everyday work in companies leaves little room and time for creative thinking. The HSBA’s di-lab is offering companies and their project teams an exciting environment for pushing ahead with innovative ideas. The aim is to create the right atmosphere by making the lab available and providing help with content from professors and mentors linked to HSBA. The lab offers a suitable place for developing ideas right up to testing prototypes.

Suitable expert team for every project

A team of 30 HSBA professors as well as over 120 lecturers will be put together for every project in the di-lab and complemented by cooperative students who can contribute their know-how and fresh ideas as digital natives. The aim of the analysis is to identify needs for action, developing, shaping and testing ideas as well as offering support from the first steps of implementation using targeted methods and tools.

Creative space and working space

Diverse rooms with workplaces for six to 15 people are available. The creative space has been specially equipped for creative, innovative methods such as design thinking, mind mapping and brain storming. The working space provides a creative environment for digital development work and working with project teams. The projects in the di-lab are complemented by workshops and seminars, which can be booked flexibly.

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HSBA Hamburg School of Business Administration

The HSBA is a private, third-level business school in Hamburg and co-operates with over 250 companies. This give it insight into nearly all sectors of the economy and innovative sectors. Founded in 2004 by the Chamber of Commerce Hamburg, the state-recognised, third-level institution offers bachelor and master degrees in business as cooperative education and part-time courses for around 840 students.

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