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Hamburg's senior business leaders to advise start-ups

Fledgling companies to benefit from closer ties between HWF and senior business leaders

The Hamburg-based association Wirtschafts-Senioren-Beraten e.V. and the Hamburg Business Development Corporation (HWF) have agreed on closer co-operation to benefit fledgling companies, a press release said Wednesday. For over 30 years, the association has been assisting start-ups, SMEs and non-profit organisations with business issues. “The senior business leaders have been offering their know-how across many sectors for years and are ready to share it. We would like to make this good offer available to fledgling companies. Business promotion is a team sport,” said Dr. Rolf Strittmatter, Managing Director of HWF.

Experienced experts in diverse sectors

Some 25 former managers, executive staff and company owners are inputting their expertise and advice as part of the Wirtschafts-Senioren-Beraten e.V. They range from bankers, managing directors to consultants across many business sectors. All of the advisers contribute their expertise coupled with their contacts.

Friedrich-Karl Marcus, Chair of the Wirtschafts-Senioren-Beraten e.V.: “There are many questions along the path to economic independence and entrepreneurial experience has yet to be gained. Our senior business leaders have set themselves the task of sharing their expertise and becoming eye-level sparring partners with fledgling companies to help them to success.”

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