Hamburg News: Trade and Finance. High-class shopping area in the city centre shown.
Huckepackbahnhof © HENN Architekten

Hamburg's new "Huckepackbahnhof"

Piggy-back train station will be revitalised for commercial use. Industrial quarter offering innovative spaces for companies in an inner city location

An eleven hectares large brownfield site located between Billhorner Brückenstraße and the rapid rail station of Rothenburgsort will be revitalised as a new type of urban commercial production. “Urban commercial land is scarce and precious in Hamburg. Therefore, the activation of such a centrally located brownfield is a great opportunity”, said Hamburg’s Minister of Economics, Transport and Innovation, Frank Horch. “Here, we can create a model for working and producing tomorrow.”

21st Century Warehouse City

Hamburg’s “Upstream at Elbe and Bille“ policy defines the urban development in Hamburg’s east in eleven focal areas until 2030. Central gate of entry to the commercial site in Rothenburgsort und Billbrook, where 855 enterprises employ at staff of 11,500, will be the Bille bend. The revitalised piggy-back train station will add up to 180,000 square metres GFA for commercial use. For Hamburg as a leading industrial locations, these areas located only 2.5 kms away from city hall and easily accessible by bus and rail offer great potentials for strategic growth in the inner city.

New Type of Commercial Premises

At the new piggy-back station, modern production methods will be integrated into an urban environment and context. Similar to the traditional warehouses of Hamburg’s Speicherstadt, the new commercial premises will be accessible on two levels, i.e. ground-level delivery access route and the elevated commercial boulevard. Flexibility is also provided by the layout of the rooms, with production areas and workshop located in the back, and shopfronts for representation opening to the public street. The design of roads considers the needs of pedestrians and cyclist, with the green Alster Elbe corridor running right through the area. In addition, gastronomy and shops will be integrated in order to enhance the urban character and to improve the integration with the neighbourhood.

Preparatory Works Have Begun

The preliminary construction work for the development of the piggy-back train station has already begun. After the success of Hamburg’s HafenCity development, HafenCity Hamburg GmbH has been commissioned as project developer. In addition, the formation of the private development company “Billebogen Development Corporation GmbH & Co KG” is in preparation. After a workshop with three offices that submitted concepts for an exemplary and sustainable industrial area, Henn Architects were selected for further development.

Coherent Overall Concept

Prof. Jörn Walter, Chief Planer, Ministry of Urban Development and Environment: “The present draft for the piggy-back train station shows a coherent overall concept for integrating business and production in the city of tomorrow. The high position of the central access will create an urban and vibrant street space, while meeting all demands of logistics. At the “Neue Huckepackbahnhof” the principle of Speicherstadt will be adopted to the 21st century.”

Giselher Schultz-Berndt, managing director, HafenCity Hamburg GmbH. “The new piggy-back train station will give important impetus for the commercial development in Hamburg – with high density commercial clusters, innovative services for businesses and visitors, training institutes, but also with attractive open spaces and trails. The spectrum of uses can range from small industrial production to innovative and modern skilled trades and crafts to companies from the creative industry, IT, and research and development.

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