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Latest figures: 3 per cent growth in Hamburg's industrial output

Northern Statistical Office says vehicle sector saw 18 per cent growth in 2015

Goods worth a total of EUR 31.1 billion were produced in Hamburg in 2015 accounting for an increase of 3 per cent over 2014, according to the Northern Statistical Office. Production output grew for nine of 23 proven goods divisions in Hamburg.

Vehicles create EUR 8.5 billion in added value

The production of vehicles and parts accounted for particularly strong growth, according to the Northern Statistical Office. The production of ships, trains and aeroplanes also contributed to growth. After a declining trend in 2014, the branch created a production value of EUR 8.5 billion in 2015 – an increase of 18 per cent over the previous year. And both vehicle sectors accounted for a 27 per cent share, similar to 2014, and thus the biggest part of overall industrial output.

Metal production increased only slightly and was worth EUR 6.5 billion or a share of 21 per cent, according to the Northern Statistical Office. The repair, maintenance and installation of machines and equipment accounted for 15 per cent of overall production, which increased by 8 per cent to EUR 4.7 billion.

78 per cent of Hamburg’s industrial output

Coking plant and petroleum products accounted for 8 per cent or EUR 2.6 billion of overall production, which amounted to a 19 per cent reduction, caused mainly by prices, over the previous year. The production of machines dropped by 8 per cent and accounted for only 7 per cent of overall production. The mentioned goods divisions accounted for 78 per cent of overall industrial output in Hamburg.

Food and fodder and chemical goods each accounted for production figures of over EUR 1 billion. However, production figures in 15 other goods divisions came to less than EUR 1 billion and accounted for 11 per cent of overall industrial output in Hamburg.

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