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Hamburg's ice princesses win start-up award of food industry

Two architects convince the jury by their transparent ice cream manufactory in Ottensen

The two architects Katrin Kerkhoff and Lara Oppenberg, owners and operators of the Hamburg ice cream manufactory “Ice Princesses” were named winners of the Funders Prize of the Germany gastronomy industry. In total, five winners were announced in Berlin. “You have achieved what few succeed: to establish one of those rare feel-good ice cream, manufactured by an ice laboratory, in which you two pay great attention to create the tastiest ice-creams ever. Without never ever using dyes, emulsifiers and neither artificial nor nature-identical flavours and preservatives”, emphasised the jury of the start-up award. The expert team of judges selected 25 finalists, the five best gastronomy start-ups from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, all confident with imagination, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

From architecture to ice cream

Hamburg’s honoured ice princesses met more than twelve years ago while studying architecture. Then, first one of them, then the second woman relocated to the banks of the Elbe river, where they worked together as architects for years. In 2013, they finally changed one craft for another, and set up their icy empire in vicinity of beautiful Rathenaupark in Hamburg-Ottensen.

Today, their range comprises more than 35 flavours of ice cream, along with delicious curd and sesame caramel, refreshing carrot banana buttermilk, and creamy raspberry grids, served in a waffle or in a cup, topped with sprinkles or whipped cream or even a homemade sauces. And, most spectacular, a custom-made wedding cake made from meringue or pastry and topped with ice cream cake. Catering and co-operations, for instance with a bar, include their range of services.

Premiere of start-up award

The start-up gastro award was granted for the first time this year. More than 200 entrepreneurs participated in the start-up competition of the food industry. The other four winners are from Nuremberg, Ostheim, Augsburg and Berlin.

On the Gastro Award

The “Gastro-Founder Award” was initiated and organised in 2014 by orderbird, suppliers of iPad POS systems for restaurants. The start-up competition is supported by the volunteer jury members and partners ETL ADHOGA, Tax for hoteliers and restaurateurs, and PayPal. Sponsors of the award are IFBI, the beverage specialist for gastronomy, and the Berlin School of Coffee, the coffee trainer for professionals, Red Bull and the media FIZZZ.

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