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Hamburg Founder Award 2014

15,000 euro award recognises the achievements of the children hospice Sternenbrücke, Kulturpalast Hamburg, the foundation Hamburg Maritim, and the Alexander Otto Foundation for Sports

The children hospice Sternenbrücke has been honoured with the Hamburg Founder Award 2014 at city hall. The Kulturpalast Hamburg foundation was recognised with the second prize. The third prize was shared by the Hamburg Maritime Foundation and the Alexander Otto Foundation for Sports.

Incentive for Own Actions

Hamburg could be “lucky to find such as commitment in the city”, Hamburg’s First Mayor Olaf Scholz said at the award ceremony, and continued: “The foundations and the impulses emanating from the foundations, enrich our society. We understand the commitment of foundations as an incentive for our own actions. And we know that we would painfully miss the foundations particularly in social matters, culture and sports if they were to withdraw.”

Gain for society, science, business and culture

Hamburg’s Minister of Justice, Jana Schiedek, praised the work of all foundations that applied for this year’s foundation award: “It’s always a great pleasure to see that Hamburg foundations are so professionally involved in benevolent work, and with such an enthusiasm. The foundations pricelessly enrich, the cultural, social, scientific, economic and sporting life of our city.”

The Hamburg Founder Prize is awarded every two years by Ministry of Justice and Equality of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg by the Gesellschaft Harmonie von 1789 e.V. It is awarded to exemplary Hamburg foundations that exhibit a strong civic commitment to further promote Hamburg.

Hamburg, Germany’s Capital of Foundations

Hamburg is Germany’s Capital of Foundations. In no other city in Germany, there are nearly as many foundations as in the Hanseatic city. The oldest Hamburg foundation, the Hospital of the Holy Spirit, dates back to 1227. Currently, the city’s 1,321 foundations jointly hold assets of more than eight billion euro.

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Senate Chancellery

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