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Hamburger Startup DailyDress – die individuelle Fashion-App für das perfekte Outfit © DailyDress

Hamburg's DailyDress start-up develops individualised fashion app

Startup SERIES - Part 4: Algorithms for daily choice of clothes

Choosing a daily outfit from an average 118 pieces in a woman’s wardrobe can take 16 to 32 minutes depending on the occasion. Getting the right look for a date or interview is not easy. Now, the Hamburg-based DailyDress start-up has come up with what would appear to be the perfect solution, if you place your trust in algorithms.

The perfect outfit depends on many things like the weather, daily schedule or the impression that you are trying to make, says Jennifer Schäfer, 25, Laura Karim, 28, and Marius Murtz, 30, the co-founders of DailyDress. Their app cuts time spent rummaging through a wardrobe in the morning mulling what to wear. Schäfer explains: “Our individual fashion app knows what’s in the wardrobe and presents perfectly combined outfits for every occasion.”

Algorithms for choosing daily outfits

The team has long since had the idea of using algorithms to choose an outfit for the day. At first, Schäfer was an account manager in online marketing, Karim was writing her Ph.D. in cognitive neuroscience and Murtz was working as a screen designer. Not surprisingly, their DailyDress app only took off in earnest when the trio came up with mobile solutions in projects with developers and screen designers.

Things took a dramatic turn for the better in January when the start-up qualified for the exist bursary meaning they were fully financed for a year. Thanks to the funding program of the German Ministry of Economics and Technology Development, the app meant the trio could work full-time on their new venture. Schäfer: “We plan to have reached the breakeven point in the last quarter of 2019 – at least according to our budget.”

Income from collaboration with online fashion stores

The income is generated through collaboration with online fashion stores. If a user sees e.g. a T-shirt in a shop that they already have, they tag it on the app and get suggestions on what to wear with the top depending on the weather and occasion. Schäfer explains: “That allows us to suggest new buys that go perfectly with clothes in the shopper’s wardrobe. We earn a percentage, if the shopper actually buys a new item.” So far the app has targeted only women. Surveys have shown that it is less appealing to men. “But if that changes, we have a chance”, she added.

Beta testers needed

At present, the DailyDress team is busy fine-tuning the app for women and are looking for beta testers as the smartphone program will be available for free download from October. Schäfer said: “We are floating on cloud 9. It’s fun and even though we are absolute newcomers and slid into entrepreneurship by accident.” But she doubts whether she would have taken such a risk and gone to all the hard work without the exist bursary. “But I can only advise everyone to apply”, she added.

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