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HamburgAmbassador Walter Kägi in Bern: "improve the networking of Hamburg in Switzerland and better use currency opportunities"

“For the Swiss, Hamburg is a very special city. It’s reputation could not be any better. The Port of Hamburg is THE epitome of an international and cosmopolitan hub of commerce”, says Walter Kaegi, HamburgAmbassador in Berne. “I’d rather see development potential Hamburg’s metropolitan region, which is hardly known in my country, neither from a touristic nor from an economic point of view. The Hamburg Metropolitan Region is relatively undeveloped and known as a location.” A Swiss Consul General by profession, Kaegi has been working, inter alia, in Europe for 15 years, and five years – from 2005 to 2009, in Hamburg. When Switzerland decided to transfer all duties to its Berlin embassy, Kägi felt truly said to o close its representative office at Hamburg’s Rathausmarkt. A year later, Kägi was appointed as HamburgAmbassador by Secretary of State Carsten-Ludwig Lüdemann on 20 October 2010.

Use Chamber Membership For Networking

Due to the geographical proximity, the same mentality and the same language, close co-operation hardly has to overcome any hurdles. Economic contacts can be established directly snd without any problems. The close ties on many levels are also the reason why an increased promotion of Hamburg’s economic assets would not open any markets yet untapped. “Nevertheless”, Kägi said, “I would recommend Hamburg, for example, to become a member of the German-Swiss Chamber of Commerce in Zurich, as other German states have already done so. Such membership would be an ideal platform to improve the networking of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg in Switzerland and beyond.

Increased Export Opportunities

Due to the currency turmoil EUR / CHF in recent weeks, the lost binding of the Swiss franc to the euro, and the massive appreciation of the Swiss franc,exporting goods to Switzerland has become more attractive. It also made tourism in euro land more attractive. Hamburg should take advantage of this situation and cut an extra “piece of the pie.”

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