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Hamburg University of Technology to Expand Co-Operation with Jordan

Programme now covers Ph.D and Master students. Travels to Jordan in November

For years, the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) has been maintaining collaborations and scientific exchanges with universities in Jordan. A close co-operation exists between the TUHH Institute for Environmental Technology and Energy (IUE) and the School of Natural Resources Engineering & Management of the German-Jordanian University and the Faculty of Engineering & Management from the University of Jourdan.

Co-operation Now Expanded to Master Degree Students

The co-operation projects are all being set up under the umbrella of the EU education programme Erasmus +. Simultaneously, Jordanian doctoral candidates work at TUHH on their thesis. Now, this co-operation has been expanded to Master degree courses, with first students travelling to the Middle East in November

Renewable Energies in Focus

The co-operation is backed by the DAAD programme “German-Arab Transformation Partnership: University Partnerships 2015” and the “Master Renewable Energies” project initiated by Professor Martin Kaltschmitt. The expansion of the co-operation aims at allowing TUHH students of the Master’s programme “Renewable Energies” and students of the respective programms of the two partner universities in Jordan to study in the other country without losing one semester; and/or to work on their Master’s thesis at the partner university. It is thus planned to extend the curriculum for the Master’s Degree “Renewable Energies” at TUHH and the University of Jordan.

Networking with Jordan, Syria and Libya

Professor Martin Kaltschmitt has been committed for years to expanding co-operations with selected universities in Jordan, Syria and Libya. His team and he is involved in the design of the master’s degree programme “Environmental Engineering and Climate Change” at three Jordanian universities as well as the master’s degree program “Energy Management” on three Libyan universities.

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The Partners of TUHH

Founded in 2005 as a co-operation between Jordan and Germany, the German Jordanian University, has been set up along the standards of German universities. Today, some 5,000 students are registered at the university. GJU offers 20 degree courses, from MBA to M:Sc in engineering, from logistics to medical technology. More than 50 teachers from Germany teach at GJU, including some fellows from Hamburg). The GJU is financially supported by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), being the largest DAAD project abroad.

The University of Jordan, a state university in Amman, is the largest and oldest university in the country. The university comprises 19 faculties, with eight in science and math, and eleven in social fields, culture, and the arts.

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