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Hamburg University gets EU funds for "Innovative Training Networks"

EU Commission gives EUR 19.5 million towards international training networks for young researchers

Researchers have secured funding from the EU’s Marie Curie Programme for five new Innovative Training Networks (ITN) one of which is being run by the University of Hamburg, which is a partner in the other four. The EU is providing a total EUR19.5 million of which EUR 3 million will go to the University of Hamburg, for a period of five years respectively. Prof. Dr. Dieter Lenzen, University President, said: “I congratulate the researchers on this great success. The projects in natural and social sciences reflect the broad research spectrum at the University of Hamburg.”

Researching international systems

A project called Improving Quality of Care in Europe (ICQE) is being co-ordinated by the Hamburg Center for Health Economics (HCHE). The University of Hamburg is collaborating with five European universities to research concepts for raising the quality and performance of Europe’s health systems. Between 2016 and 2020, 16 associated institutions from three continents will research the complexity of international institutions and regimes as part of the Globalisation, Europe and Multilateralism – Sophistication of the Transnational Order, Networks and European Strategies (GEM Stones) project. It is being co-ordinated by the Université Libre de Bruxelles.

Service robotics and quantum computers

Fifteen partners in research, care and robotics will train 15 young researchers in service robotics as part of a project named Social Cognitive Robotic Agents in The European Society (SOCRATES) and co-ordinated by Umeå University in Sweden. Another project called 4Photon will focus on the technical implementation of components for quantum computers. Working groups from eight universities and three companies are participating in 4Photon which is being co-ordinated by Università degli Studi di Milano Bicocca

Laser physics project

The OMT project, which is being co-ordinated by the École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, aims to link the movement of nano and micromechanical oscillators with light to achieve extremely high spatial resolutions. The network counts 12 European universities including the University of Vienna and the Université Pierre et Marie Curie in Paris as well as seven industrial partners such as IBM Research and Bosch Sensortec GmbH.

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About Innovative Training Networks

The Innovative Training Networks (ITN) promote young researchers in a bid to improve their abilities and career opportunities. The ITNs are part of the European Commission’s Marie Skłodowska Curie programme which supports innovative, scientific projects as part of the Horizon 2020 project. More information:

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