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Hamburg Taxis To Promote Olympia

"Fire and Flame" ads on the roof of Hamburg's taxis to promote the city as host of the Olympic summer games 2024

From today, taxis can be fitted in Hamburg with backlit roof designs. At the beginning, about 150 of the city’y 3,500 taxis will be equipped with the new illuminated advertisements. Hamburg’s taxis thus stand up for the city and its application as host of the summer games. “As of today, we are sharing Hamburg’s vision of hosting the olympic games in 2024” it said in a statement on Monday. TAXi-AD and Hansa radio taxi offer the illuminated roof advertising free of charge to Hamburg’s taxi drivers to demonstrate their support for Hamburg’s application.

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About TAXi-AD GmbH

TAXi-AD is marketing and selling ad space in taxis, with more than 15,000 in its car pool. TAXi-AD is the only one to offer roof displays on taxis in all large and most of Germany’s smaller cities. Founded in the year 2000, TAXi-AD employs 20 staff in German. International actitivities, including Polen, Bulgaria, Portugal, Slowenien, Kenya, are being directed by TAXi-AD International. Both companies are headquartered in Hamburg. Since 2009, TAXi-AD has been part of sellmedia group.
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