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Hamburg supports scientific research with 16 million euro

Over the next three years, the Hamburg Ministry of Science and Research will fund 28 research projects with a total of 16 million euro.

In the current year, these funding schemes will start
• start-up funding of collaborative research networks
• start-up funding from the Research Training Group
• funding of junior college of art colleges
• funding of individual scientific and artistic projects
• support for setting up international research collaborations.

61 applications, 28 approvals

A total of 61 competition entries were received by the Hamburg Ministry of Science and Research. Approval was granted to nine collaborative research networks, six projects for structured youth development (research training) and four individual artistic projects. Nine smaller individual actions to build international research collaborations will also receive public funding.

Broad research

The research projects cover a variety of topics and subjects, ranging from neuroscience to urban planning, engineering, social science and historical research. Also, several artistic projects that combine scientific research and artistic expression will also receive funds.
For the funding of these projects, more than 16 million euro have been allocated in the city-state’s budget. Amounting to approximately 400,000 euro for each research project, and 300,000 euro for each graduate programme, funds are granted for a period of three years. The individual scientific and artistic projects will be funded with up to 60,000 euro per year.

Hamburg's funding of scientific research

Effective since 2013, the city-state’s research funding has been successively built up to its present form since the beginning of 2012. It covers two funding formats. In the frame of the funding scheme “Strategic Programme for the Promotion of research priorities and potential areas of, climate research and scientific research has been funded with some five million euros annually since 1 January 2013. The current promotions take place in the frame of the “Science Conducted project funding of new issues” scheme.

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