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Hamburg Senate Thanks the People behind the City's New Foundations

On 9 June 2015, the Hamburg Senate has been recognising the founders of last year's 34 new foundations

26 of the 4 foundations established last year in Hamburg pursue charitable purposes. On l9 June 2015, the Hamburg Senate thanked the founders at a reception at city hall, In total, 1,337 foundations are based in Hamburg, with total assets of 8.3 billion euro.

Outstanding Contribution to Society

“The founders of foundations leave an impression by their great commitment and enthusiasm for purposes that go far beyond their own life and environment. Whether endowed with large, medium or small funds: we are grateful for all the foundations that are committed to the common good. Here in Hamburg, we have many examples of even little money making a great impact, and achieving something outstanding. Also, foundations can do well by working together and teaming up for projects, Dr Till Steffen said in his opening address.

Siegfried Lenz Foundation

Among the new foundations formed in 2014 is the foundation of the Hamburg nobel prize author Siegfried Lenz, who died in his home city in 2014. “We are very pleased that the Siegfried Lenz Foundation is at home in Hamburg, where also the impressive literary and journalistic work of Siegfried Lenz is a home,” Steffen added. Every two years, the foundations grants the Siegfried Lenz Award to a contemporary authors who raised its voice. In 2014, the award was given to the Israeli writer Amos Oz in 2014. IN 2016, the next winner will be chosen.

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