Hamburg News: Trade and Finance. High-class shopping area in the city centre shown.
Liebespaar auf der Hamburger Alster © HMG/Mediaserver, R.Hegeler

Hamburg is the region‘s economic hothouse

This was revealed by a survey recently presented by the Office of Statistics North. Examining 2008‘s figures in the survey, 71.1 per cent of the regions gross domestic product had been generated by the Elbe metropolis.

Amounting to a total of 86.3 billion euro, Hamburg dominated the comparison of Germanys largest cities ahead of Munich (71.5 billion euro), Frankfurt/ Main (53.2 billion euro), Düsseldorf (43.4 billion euro) and Stuttgart (33.7 billion euro).

Next to Düsseldorf, Hamburg was also the only city to supersede its surrounding districts in all economic data on test, and thus radiates strongly to the surrounding communities.

On district level comparison, the small, but densely populated districts of Pinneberg and Stormarn particularly benefited from the vicinity to Hamburg‘s dynamic economy, with gross domestic products per employee amounting to 72,000 euro and 67,900 euro. Hamburg‘s GDP amounted to 77,500 euro in 2008. Ranked fourth in the statistics is the rural district of Stade in Lower Saxony. Home to many companies with capital-intensive production, Stade‘s GDP per employee amounted to 67,200 euro.

The lowest labour productivity was registered in Schleswig- Holstein‘s districts of Segeberg (56,900 euro per employee) and the Duchy of Lauenburg (55,800 euro per employee) along with the rural district of Harburg in Lower Saxony with 54,000 euro per employee.

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