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Hamburg's First Mayor: We Will Miss Helmut Schmidt!

Hamburg mourns Helmut Schmidt - flags at half mast. Former Hamburg minister of the interior and German chancellor died on 10 November

On the death of the former German chancellor Helmut Schmid, Hamburg’s First Mayor Olaf Scholz declared: “The citizens of our city mourn a man to whom they trusted. The political theme of Helmut Schmidt was pragmatic action meeting moral ends. He was convinced that a politician must be judged by what he does and that he is to be held responsible for these acts.

Chancellor and SPD Veteran

The former chancellor died on Tuesday, 10 November, at the age of 96 years in his hometown of Hamburg. The economics graduate, born on December 23, 1918 in Hamburg, had first made in 1962 by the crisis management of the flood disaster in Hamburg as the first interior minister of Hamburg a name. As the successor of Willy Brandt Schmidt was chancellor from 1974-1982. Since 1983 Helmut Schmidt was co-editor of the weekly newspaper “Die Zeit”, which is reminiscent in its obituary of the SPD veteran.

Safeguarding Global Peace

“As a member of the war generation, securing peace was a constant issue in Helmut Schmidt’s life. By deepening the Franco-German friendship, the formation of the World Economic Forum and the intensive dialogue with the new world power China, Helmut Schmidt significantly influenced the architecture of global governance to the present day”, continued Hamburg’s First Mayor Olaf Scholz. “He steered the Federal Republic through a turbulent period with major economic challenges, securing the primacy of the rule of law against the terrorism of RAF.”

A Son of his City

Scholz continues: “After retiring from office, he continued to give important impulses a statesman and publicist. He also found hearing among those who otherwise had closed their ears to politics. Helmut Schmidt was always a son of his city, “says Scholz on. “His relationship with his hometown was marked by deep affection. And the citizens have reciprocated this affection. Helmut Schmidt’s successful handling the flood disaster in 1962 is still deeply rooted in the collective memory of Hamburg’s society until today. “

Helmut Schmidt had always taken the view that the city state of Hamburg must always be a voice of enlightenment, of reason, and of progress. “We want to honour his memory by continuing to take his political beliefs into the future. Helmut Schmidt will be sorely missed. “

Chamber President Melsheimer: Preserve and Honour the Memory

“Helmut Schmidt was the most famous Hamburg local at home and abroad, the best ambassador for our city and our business location. His brilliant analysis and his pragmatic and incorruptible nature were equally valued as feared”, said Fritz Horst Melsheimer, President of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, on 10 November 2015. “Helmut Schmidt’s voice had great weight in the world whether in political or financial matters.”

Book On 95th Birthday

Helmut Schmidt’s long association with the Chamber of Commerce has been documented in a book devoted to the 95th birthday of the former chancellor. “Until recently, we have been repeatedly working together with him as an inspiration and honourary chairman of our “Hamburg Summit: China meets Europe”, in which he initiated the “New Paths to 67” project, which pursues the optimal use of older workers. “The Hamburg economy and our Chamber of Commerce will honour his memory. We extend our condolences and sympathy to his family and his friends. “

Michael Eggenschwiler, CEO Airport, said: “Flags are at half mast for the death of former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt. The news of the death of Helmut Schmidt makes us – myself, the members of the Supervisory Board and all employees of Hamburg Airport – very sad”, says Michael Eggenschwiler, CEO of Hamburg Airport. “We wish his family to express our deepest sympathy.”

Living in Langenhorn, the former chancellor, a member of the Bundestag, and Hamburg Minister of the Interior was a neighbour of the airport. He was also for many years honorary chairman of the Supervisory Board of Hamburg Airport.

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