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Hamburg Minister of Economy Visits Cuba With Business Delegation

On the agenda: port industries, maritime economy, energy and tourism. Cruise will also be an important issue. Hamburg's expertise in demand

Accompanied by a 40-head business delegation, the Hamburg Minister of Economy, Transport, and Innovation, has has left for Miami and Havanna to promote Hamburg’s assets in the limelight of the rapprochement between the US and Cuba and the opening of the island state. The course for the future is set in these days. Hamburg is Europe’s centre of competence for Latin America.

“Cuba has identified some key sectors, in which the state-controlled allocation of foreign currency are given priority. Transport, port / hinterland logistics, and parts of the maritime industry are also part of it”. Horch said. and continued: “Cuba is also highly interesting for investments of the energy industry. Hamburg has many core competencies in these areas, and we would like to take this opportunity to present our expertise in Cuba. “

Hamburg Companies Invited to Showcase Their Expertise

Another topic of high interest to Cuba is cruise. The natural harbour of Havanna, so far mainly used as industrial port, will be expanded and modernised to welcome cruise ships. Hamburg companies could contribute their expertise in cruise logistics, in tourism, and in the operation of cruise terminals. In 2014, Cuba also created a special industrial port zone, Mariel, with particularly investor-friendly regulations. Meeting international standards, it may be of interest to Hamburg-based shipping lines servicing the Caribbean and Latin America as a logistics hub. In addition, the Hamburg Minister of Economy, Transport, and Innovation will be talking to politicians, senior ministry officials, and representatives from trade and other sectors.

Cruise Also On The Agenda In Miami

After Havanna, the business delegation will travel to Miami. Horch: “Hamburg is emerging cruise destination. In Miami, I would like to present our city as an attractive destination to US-American operators and owners of cruise ships.” Thus, meetings with representatives of Royal Caribbean’s Carnival Cruise Lines and talks with Norwegian Cruise Lines have been included in the itinerary. Also on the agenda als talks with the tourism boards and port authorities of Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

Important Investor

Historically, the United States have been a major foreign investor in Germany, and also in Hamburg. “HWF will intensify its activities in this region. So fair, we primarily focussed on promoting the business destination Hamburg on the east coast, in our partner city of Chicago, and in California. However, the southern states matured economically”, said Dr. Rolf Strittmatter, managing director of HWF Hamburg Business Development Corporation. Travelling with the Hamburg Minister and other industry representatives, he continues: “Florida, for example, offers the the chance to set up businesses working within or for the booming cruise industry. The emerging life sciences and healthcare industry is also looking beyond U.S. borders. With the Max Planck Institute in Florida Institute, there is a direct link to Germany”, thus Strittmatter

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