Hamburg News: Trade and Finance. High-class shopping area in the city centre shown.
Alsterarkaden und Rathaus © Spahrbier

Hamburg ensures prosperity

The city state‘s sound economic development is reflected in the positive figures of its latest social report.

Here are the key results. From 2005 to 2012, the number of employed persons increased by 11.6 per cent to 1.167 million people. 83 per cent of parents in Hamburg have a middle to high income. The median income of families, i. e. couples with children, increased from 2,770 euro in 2000 to 4,110 euro in 2010 (+48 per cent). For single parents, the average income rose from 1,590 euro to 2,140 euro (+35 per cent). 94 per cent of Hamburg‘s senior citizens are able to earn their livelihood from their own financial resources. The poverty rate in Hamburg dropped by one per cent from 14 per cent (2000) to 13 per cent (2010), among seniors from nine to eight per cent.

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