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Corporate Succession: Hamburg Encourages Women

4,500 enterprises will be looking for successors soon. The Hamburg Chamber of Crafts and the association "Entrepreneurs without Borders" encourage women to take up the challenge

Female and male entrepreneurs need courage and a cool head, to communicate well and to motivate employees. These qualities are particularly high in demand when it comes to starting a company or taking it over. The challenges and ways to tackle them successfully were being presented on Tuesday, 23 June 2015, at “Things can move fast – Women take over!” at the Hamburg Chamber of Crafts.

The event held on the national day of action “Succession is female!” was organised by theHamburg Chamber of Crafts and its division business consultancy and ESF project “Integrated recruitment (INA) in collaboration with the Association of Entrepreneurs Without Borders/Woman Business Centre/Start Chance. In Hamburg, 4,500 enterprises are due to be handed over in the next few years. The organisers thus wanted to particularly encourage women to consider a business succession.

More Women in Leadership Positions

Josef Katzer, President of the Hamburg Chamber of Trade, explained on the occasion of the event: “The acquisition of a company with a loyal clientele is a very good foundation for taking over an enterprise. Many companies are looking for a suitable successor in various sectors of crafts throughout Hamburg. I thus appeal to all female professionals: seize this opportunity and dare this step. I am convinced you will succeed. To have more women in leadership positions will do all of us well – not only in business, but also in society.”

30 Per Cent of Female Start-Ups in Crafts

Among the start-ups of crafts in Hamburg, the proportion of women has been hovering around 30 per cent in the past years, percent, including 10 to 20 per cent of takeovers. In 2014, the Hamburg Chamber of Crafts registered 1,653 companies, with 597 run by women. Out of these, 504 were start-ups and 93 takeovers.

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