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3rd Hamburg-Copenhagen Business Forum to get underway

Bilateral conference highlights common ground between Hamburg und Denmark

The 3rd Hamburg Copenhagen Business Forum gets underway on February 28, 2018 in the Chamber of Commerce under the theme “Two strong partners, one competitive region“. A 50-strong trade delegation from Copenhagen and their counterparts in Hamburg will focus on e-health, intelligent energy solutions, modern transport and digital transformation in the property sector.

Keynote speakers include Casper Klynge, the world’s first digital ambassador, Olaf Scholz, Mayor of Hamburg, Frank Jensen, Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, and Lene Espersen, former Foreign Minister of Denmark. Initiated by the Chamber of Commerce Hamburg and the German-Danish Chamber of Commerce, the forum has alternated between Copenhagen and Hamburg since 2014. Hamburg’s ties with Denmark date back centuries and in 1864 Altona belonged to the Danish kingdom.

Close economic links

Around 1,750 Danes live in Hamburg presently. Some 25,000 people in Hamburg have Danish roots while 1,200 companies in the city have business links to Denmark. Around 250 Danish firms e.g. the Maersk Group with its shipping and energy divisions, Seago Line which specialises in intra European shipping, and Coloplast – a Danish medical multinational – have branches in the city. Renewable energy companies like Ramboll, Ørsted and Total Wind also have subsidiaries in Hamburg. And Denmark’s Linkfire platform for marketing music and analysing target groups recently opened a branch in Hamburg.

Happiness widespread in north

In 2017, Hamburg ranked second on Deutsche Post’s seventh Happiness Atlas that also featured Denmark. Schleswig-Holstein topped the ranking for the fifth year in a row based on indicators such as high regional attractiveness as well as proximity to Denmark, which is the happiest land in Europe. Danish phrases like hyggelig (cosy) are now so common in Hamburg that the Deutsche Medien-Manufaktur (DMM), a subsidiary of Gruner + Jahr publishing launched the “Hygge – einfach glücklich sein“ magazine last June 2017.

Danes’ love of Hamburg

In 2016, Danish tourists accounted for around 400,000 overnight guests and were the most strongly represented visitor group in Hamburg. Their numbers may yet soar when the Fehmarnbelt Tunnel between Puttgarden and Rødbyhavn opens in 2028. The tunnel will cut journey times and people can choose between a ten-minute car drive and a seven-minute train journey instead of the existing 45-minute ferry ride. This is likely to boost cross-border goods, passenger traffic and growth throughout the Fehmarnbelt region, said Femern A/S the Copenhagen-based developer.

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