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Hamburg Chamber of Commerce To Strengthen SMEs With New Agenda HK350 Plus

More information about funding opportunities and intensive help in the search for experts

The Hamburg Chamber of Commerce wants to expand its range of services for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and establish new instruments of dialogue communication with its members. These are first decisions taken in the frame of the reorganisation project “Agenda HK350plus”, adopted by the plenary of the Chamber of Commerce at its December meeting. Shaped with the support of 80 highly committed, volunteer entrepreneurs, the strategic and operative alignment of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce will be taken to a new level by new ideals and innovative approaches, thus Fritz Horst Melsheimer, president of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, in a statement on Monday.

Database & Practical Guide

To help small and medium-sized companies in their search for skilled workers, the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce will expand its dedicated services and provide them, inter alia, with a data base on all funding and support services, an informative online platform, a practice guide on “Employer Branding”, and an image campaign.

In case of operations difficulties or problems, for instance with a permanent construction site, they will be able to find help by a crisis hotline the Hamburg Chamber is about to set up. In addition, members will be able to select online the topics they want to see on the service menu and choose their way to receive information from the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce.

District Officers & Surveys

To strengthen its presence in the neighbourhoods in another objective of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce. Thus, local business promotion will be significantly strengthened by talks, discussions, meetings, and other events. To identify locally relevant issues and ideas, “District Officer” will be deployed to conduct interviews with entrepreneurs and business partners on a regular basis.

Hotlines & Online Panels

The plenary also told the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce to intensify the dialogue with its members, and asked for a advanced communication by e-mail, social media, thematic hotlines, online forums, and similar channels. To to contact the honorary representatives of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce with questions and suggestions at any time, the new online forum “Plenary and Presidency” will be set up.

Decision in February

In Juli 2014, the plenary agreed on the implementation of the agenda HK350plus. Five sub-project groups, each headed by a member of the plenary, will now define strategic objectives, and sometimes even specific individual projects. For the resolution on the sometimes very complex issues another plenary meeting has been scheduled for February 2015. Then, possible amendments to the statutes and the electoral rules of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce will be discussed

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