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Hamburg to celebrate “Coffee Day” on October 1

Ten interesting facts about the wake-up drink

Coffee is the undisputed leader when it comes to beverages in Germany at 162 litres per head per year consumed. This energizing elixir is drunk by 80 per cent of the population every day. And three out of five drink coffee more than once a day. Over recent years the spectrum of coffee specialties has widened constantly, extending from the classic filter coffee through cappuccino to cold brew und Nitro Coffee infused with nitrogen. Reason enough to mark Coffee Day on October 1, 2018 on Monday. Hamburg News presents the most important facts on the black gold.

Ten facts on a coffee theme

1. Coffee may consist to 98 per cent of water, but there are 850 different aromas as well.

2. Hamburg is Europe’s most important centre for the green coffee trade, with some 700,000 tons turned over in the port every year.

3. Germany has around 650 commercial coffee roasters.

4. Hamburg’s start-up scene has also discovered the coffee trend. Entrepreneurs Bastian Muschke and Bastian Senger, for instance, have come up with Caté, a drink containing caffeine made from the coffee cherry, a by-product of the harvest.

5. Germany’s coffee market is the third-largest in the world. Only in the United States and Brazil is more coffee sold.

6. The Hamburg-based family company, Tchibo, is market leader. in coffee roasting in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

7. Germany is the world’s largest exporter of coffee products and “world champion” in decaffeination.

8. German coffee lovers tend to prefer their coffee in the classical roasted style.

9. Coffee trends like Cold Brew, Nitro Coffee and others are popular primarily among younger consumers aged 16-34.

10. The Coteca Coffee, Tea and Cocoa Global Industry Expo is being held in Hamburg from October 10-12, with some 200 exhibitors expected from 40 countries.

Hamburg – coffee capital

The Hamburg-based Deutsche Kaffeeverband (German Coffee Association) launched Coffee Day in 2005. All the beverage’s many facets will be on display at a number of events and shows throughout Germany in the days around October 1 – from lifestyle to tradition, from its taste to its conviviality. A special coffee cocktail has been created year to mark the day honouring the wake-up beverage.

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