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Hamburg Alliance for Families Celebrates First Ten Years

Manuela Schwesig, Federal Minister for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth, honoured 46 companies with the Hamburg Family Seal.

Launched as a joint initiative of the Hamburg Senate, the Hambuerg Chamber of Commerce and the Hamburg Chamber of Crafts in 2004, The Hamburger Alliance for Families has been promoting been promoting family-friendliness and a better work-life-balance with numerous projects since 2004.

46 Awards in the Anniversary Year

On occasion of the ten-year anniversary of the initiative, Detlef Scheele, Hamburg Minister of of Labour, Social and Family Affairs and Integration, Fritz Horst Melsheimer, President of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, and Hjalmar Stemmann, Vice President of the Hamburg Chamber of Crafts, drew a positive balance. In the presence of Federal Minister for Family Affairs, Manuela Schwesig, 46 companies were granted the Hamburg family seal.

Generation Y Demands Flexibility

The work-life balance is increasingly demanded by employees of the generation, women and of men. Hjalmar Stemmann, Vice President of the Hamburg Chamber of Trade, said: “Today, having a good job means more than a good salary and an interesting task. Flexible forms of employment and family-friendly work organisation are indispensable when companies want to attract professionals of today and tomorrow. For the sector of crafts and skilled trades, this is nothing new, the sector being traditionally family-friendly. For its small and medium-sized enterprises, it always applied: from trainee or specialist, the focus is always on people. A good work-life balance is creates a win-win situation for all parties involved in the economy and thus for the whole city.” According to a survey by Ludwig-Fröhler Institute, roughly 80 per cent of the enterprises offer family-friendly working time models to their employees, with elements such as part-time work, working time accounts or flexible daily and weekly working hours.

Hamburg Family Seal: 243 Awards in Ten Years

One of the most important projects of the “Alliance for Families” is the Hamburg Family Seal. It is awarded to small and medium sized companies in Hamburg that show a special commitment to the reconciliation of work and family life. At the Senate reception, 46 companies were honoured for their family-friendly personnel policy. Since 2007, the award has been granted to 243 small and medium-sized companies, in which more than 26,700 people are being employed.

Proven Instruments of Corporate Family Policy

Companies that have been awarded the Seal family offer the following instruments in their family-friendly personnel policies:

• work and vacation planning (92%)
• part-time work (95%)
• flexible working hours (77%)
• flexible work places (76%)
• Framework Programme parental leave (65%)
• job sharing (8%)

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Other Projects by the Hamburg Alliance for Families

The family seal is just one of the many projects offered by the Alliance for Families. These also include:
• Hotline for family-friendly arrangements in the workplace: free initial consultation to instruments of a family-friendly personnel policies in operation
• Hamburg Family Day, hosted by the Senate in co-operation with the Hamburg agency for child protection, the registered association KinderKinder and special support of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce
• Local Alliances for Families: local alliances promoting family-friendliness
• Hamburg Forum Family and Work: The winners of the Hamburg Family Seal are invited to share best-practices in the “Forum Family and Career” and to develop new ideas for family-friendly personnel policy.

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