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Hamburg Airport launches co-operation with Yoints

Smartphone app allows passengers to collect points and rewards

With the Yoints retail app, passengers and visitors are now able to earn points when they visit shops at Hamburg Airport and elsewhere in the city. Users of the app are automatically recognised when the enter a participating shop, and the latest special offers are being displayed on their smartphone.

Bonus points for browsing and shopping

In addition, passengers will be able to earn bonus points for the time they spend in the shop. The points can be redeemed for premium rewards. The choice of rewards includes products from shops at Hamburg Airport such as German National Football Team jerseys, Casio wristwatches, and perfumes. The app also has a social component: collected bonus points can be donated to various institutions such as, for example, the animal refuge in Suederstrasse or the Viva con Agua charity. The app is available in the Google Play Store and the iTunes Store.

“Yoints offers a trend-setting barter concept that creates a win-win situation for all participants. We are open for innovative concepts that enhance the progressive digitalisa-tion of our society at the same times as making passengers and visitors happy. We are looking forward to collaborating successfully with this modern Hamburg company,” says Lutz Deubel, head o center management at Hamburg Airport.

Innovative beacon technology

Yoints uses so-called beacons for its app. These small radio transmitters, manufactured by Yoints, are installed in participating stores and send Bluetooth low energy messages to mobile devices. The moment an app user physically enters the store, a message is sent to his or her smartphone, saying how many “yoints” (bonus points) have been credited by starting the visit. Participating shops at Hamburg Airport can also use the Yoints app to inform passengers of current special offers and promotions.

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