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Donors and sponsors: 40 per cent of Hamburg's companies support the arts

First Mayor Olaf Scholz acknowledges the cultural commitment of Hamburg's business community

Hamburg’s First Mayor Olaf Scholz has honoured the commitment of Hamburg’s business community, its companies and entrepreneur in support of arts and culture in Hamburg. “You all define our society, our thinking and our minds as minds as patrons involved in the non-profit support of culture and arts”, Scholz said on Friday evening in front of the Cultural Committee of German Industry Association (BDI) at city hall.

40 per cent of companies are active supporters

The extent to which companies and entrepreneurs engage themselves in culture and the arts can be seen throughout the city. As a prime example, Scholz quote Hamburg’s State Opera, founded in 1678 as the first public opera house in Germany by citizens and merchant.” Everywhere else in the German speaking are, opera was a royal, or at least aristocratic, business. The same applies to “Deutsches Schauspielhaus” (German Theatre) founded in 1900 as a “bulwark against bad taste”. According to Scholz, the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg is very grateful that the tradition of private sponsorship and fundraising still continues today. About 40 per cent of the Hamburg-based company are actively supporting and promoting arts and culture in the Elbe city.

Thalia Theater as best practice

Further examples of successful cultural promotion are the Bucerius Forum founded in 2002,, and the commitment of Hamburg’s honorary citizen Kurt A. Körber in favour of the Thalia Theater and the Hamburg State Opera. Also honorary citizens of Hamburg, Helmut and Hannelore Greve always attributed large funds to , inter alia, the Hamburg University of Music and Theatre. Furthermore, theHermann Reemtsma Foundation donated large sum for heritage-listed building and the acquisition of works of art.

Hamburg’s First Mayor particulary mentioned Hamburg’s “youngest” honorary citizen, Michael Otto. “He could be called a multi-level patron generous on so many areas of commitment in Hamburg: as a generous supporter of the Elbe Philharmonic Hall, the State Music School, the Young ClassX, the Museum of Hamburg History and the Hamburger Kunsthalle”, Scholz said.

Donors and sponsors

Whether donors or sports: entrepreneur in Hamburg and Germany had always taken over social responsibility. “The secret of success lies in a co-operative relationship, in a partnership approach between state and private initiatives. This works very well in Hamburg. And the founders have understood that foundations associated with lasting impact on public budgets can positively affect the face of borrowing ban at the expense of other public duties. “

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