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Central Developer for Urban Development of Billebogen

The Senate of Hamburg named Billebogen Entwicklungsgesellschaft GmbH & Co. KG as central developer and key contact of the urban development project

The new municipal company was formed to better exploit the huge potential of this 70-hectare area. To mobilise private investment in an integrated way is another key objective. For this purpose, the company wll transfer about 19 hectares of urban land. First key project is the development of new piggy-back station as a place of urban production with innovative, high-density commercial typologies.

Milestone for urban development in Hamburg East

Dr. Dorothee Stapelfeldt, Hamburg Minister of Urban Development and Environment: “Our ‘Upstream on the Elbe and Bille rivers’ brings smart urban development to Hamburg’s East. The formation of the new municipal developer will significantly stimulate the economic development of the Bille arch. Hamburg’s inner city and its waterfront precinct HafenCity will be strengthened by the development of Hamburg’s East. There is great potential for new and affordable housing, modern industrial and commercial structures, sustainable workplaces close to home, the development of the necessary infrastructure as well as for the development of attractive waterfront locations and open spaces.”

Securing Hamburg’s Economic Future

Frank Horch, Hamburg Minister of Economy, Transport, and Innovation: “We want to create a sound, forward looking and ambitious economic foundation for the business location Hamburg. We must and will grow economically. Economic growth and quality of life in an urban environment are interdependent. Hamburg’s easts provides ideal conditions for this target. In the opinion of the Hamburg Senate, it is vitally important to develop the working environments of the future in this area. Modern industrial and commercial structures create jobs. And these, in turn, are indispensable for a growing population and a strong country.”

Prof. Jürgen Bruns-Berentelg, CEO of HafenCity Hamburg GmbH: “To create jobs and to exploit its urban potentials are the two keys tasks for the Bille arch. How do you develop this heterogeneous, very significant and very central area in Hamburg as a location with a strong appeal to private investors? This is the initial question for the new company, which will need to be solved with perseverance and creativity. We look forward to the new task.”

Gateway to Hamburg’s East

Hamburg’s “Upstream at Elbe and Bille“ policy defines the urban development in Hamburg’s east in eleven focal areas until 2030. Central gate of entry to the commercial site in Rothenburgsort und Billbrook, where 855 enterprises employ at staff of 11,500, will be the Bille bend. The revitalised piggy-back train station will add up to 180,000 square metres GFA for commercial use. For Hamburg as a leading industrial locations, these areas located only 2.5 kms away from city hall and easily accessible by bus and rail offer great potentials for strategic growth in the inner city.

20 Years of Development

20 years have meanwhile been estimated as the minimum time span for the development of the Bille arch area. A landmark project will be the revitalisation of an historic piggy-back train station for commercial use. On the eleven hectares large brownfield between Billhorner Brückenstraße and the rapid rail station of Rothenburgsort, new forms of commercial urban production will be implemented. Similar to the traditional warehouses of Hamburg’s world heritage warehouse district Speicherstadt, the new commercial premises will be accessible on two levels, i.e. ground-level delivery access route and the elevated commercial boulevard. Flexibility is also provided by the layout of the rooms, with production areas and workshop located in the back, and shopfronts for representation opening to the public street.

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