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DESY To Co-Operate With TUHH

Scientific co-operation in many fields of basic and advanced research

Both DESY and the Hamburg University Of Technology are one of the world’s centres of scientific research

Co-Operation Will Strengthen Hamburg Expertise In Research and Innovation

“We are pleased to deepen our basic research even further with this excellent partner. Close networking and dynmaic knowledge transfer are quintessential for today’s high-end scientific research”, said TUHH President Garabed Antranikian. “TUHH and DESY both boast excellence in fields of research that ideally complement each other” emphasised Helmut Dosch, Chairman of the DESY Directorate. “The co-operation not only promotes research, but also the knowledge transfer to society and industry, of which the Hamburg Metropolitan Region will benefit in particular.”

Joint Research

The co-operation now agreed upon will focus, inter alia, on materials and nanoscience, engineering, big data management, optics and laser technology and electronics. In an initial workshop, more than 40 scientists from both facilities identified first starting points, which are now being deepened by four work groups. One work group, for instance, is dealing with the structural and material research, process engineering and catalysis. Researchers at the TUHH, the Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht (HTG), and the University of Hamburg are also co-operating in the collaborative research center “SFB 986: Customized Multi-scale material systems – M3” to discover novel materials and components with the help of DESY’s facilities. Another work group deals with photonics, in particular the laser technology. In computer science, processing highly complex measurement data from DESY experiments is a key objective. A fourth group is addressing issues of high frequency technology. In this field, the two institutions have already been co-operating for ten years.

Co-Operation Fund For Joint Research Projects

The above mentioned work groups will now specify research projects and promote innovative ideas. In future, also joint appointments as well as strategic partnerships are being envisaged. Also, Co-operation Fund will be set up to finance joint projects. Last but not least, also in technology transfer, activities will be co-ordinated and synergies be exploited.Thus, the innovation centre currently being set up at DESY and the TUHH’s Green Technology Innovation Campus will be supported by the TUHH’s Startup Dock and TuTech. Another focal theme of the co-operation is the promotion of PH.D students.

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