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Customizing in the hi-fi sector

Hamburg-based start-up comes up with idea for loudspeakers to match furniture and configuring listening habits

The Hamburg-based Inklang is the first, ever company in Germany to offer customized loudspeakers. Thanks to the start-up, music lovers can now configure high-end loudspeakers online to suit their own personal listening habits and even their interior decorating style.

Personalising loudspeakers

Inklang offers seven basic models of the “Advanced Line” in 400 variations based on a single concept. The models range from two-way compact loudspeakers that fit on bookshelves or a sideboard to slimline floor-standing loudspeakers. Inklang’s product design won the German Design Award 2016.

Handmade in the port of Hamburg

Founded in early 2014 by Thomas Carstensen, Inklang has been selling built to order loudspeakers since April 2015. Production starts as soon as a customer orders the loudspeakers online. Then, the company’s in-house software orders the required parts from the supplier. They are delivered straight to Hamburg where five staff complete the production in the port of Hamburg.

Founders from financial sector

Carstensen, 44, is originally from the financial sector and was a director of an asset management company for many years before founding Inklang. Coming up with funds proved challenging. He noted: “Not every start-up wants to go public. The challenge was to find a model to convince investors who would be investing lower, six-digit sums rather than millions.”

He chose the STILL GmbH as the company’s legal structure allowing him to bring investors aboard who would be atypical silent partners. Carstensen pointed out: “The advantage lies in the simple, open and affordable founding compared to bringing more shareholders aboard in a GmbH or founding a GmbH & Co.” Carstensen says he has earned six-figure sales meanwhile with the loudspeaker production.

Passionate entrepreneur

His private passion eventually gave rise to the idea for the company. Since his youth, the Flensburg-born entrepreneur has lived out his passion for all kinds of music genres with perfect reproductive quality. And he brought this fascination into the financial sector where he worked for over 25 years. Word of his skills at producing the mini series soon spread among friends and business partners.

“This particular combination of technical know-how, enthusiasm for hi-fi and knowledge of the sales structures, the planning process and financing has of course helped me with the move towards founding my own business,” he commented.

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