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Corporate Responsibilty: two Hamburg companies ranked first.

In the Corporate Responsibility Index of Bertelsmann Foundation, Hamburg Airport and Jungheinrich were acknowledged as best-practice.

Many German companies still need to implement corporate social responsibility strategically and practically. Even though the management and advisory board of 73 per cent of German companies promote respective activities, only 39 per cent of companies actually integrate corporate responsibility measures into their business processes and value chains. This is evident from the CRI Corporate Responsibility Index published by Bertelsmann Foundation.

Best-practice in Hamburg

In the Hamburg Metropolitan Region, however, Bertelsmann Foundation found two examples of best-practice. In the CRI’s logistics category, Hamburg Airport was named winner. In the company’s Corporate Responsibility Strategy, the reduction of environmental burdens, the increase employer attractiveness and of customer satisfaction are defined as major targets. Also recognised as best-practice by Bertelsmann Foundation was . Jungheinrich AG, which occupies the top position in the machinery and plant manufacturers category of the CRI ranking. In total, 169 Unternehmen German companies were considered in the Bertelsmann benchmarking.

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On the CRI Corporate Responsibility Index

n the Corporate Responsibility Index (CRI) – currently the largest comparative study in Germany – the Bertelsmann Foundation has developed a tool that not only evaluates how responsible companies are, but also how this responsibility is rooted, practised and implemented within the company. A total of 169 companies participated in the study, which was conducted by the Bertelsmann Foundation in conjunction with concern GmbH and the University of Bayreuth.

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