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City hosts HamburgAmbassadors

Annual meeting focuses on innovation and research - honorary representatives promote Hamburg worldwide

The HamburgAmbassadors are honorary representatives and members of the network created in 2005 to promote the renown of the Hanseatic city in their respective countries. They act as points of contact for those interested in Hamburg. Every year, the HamburgAmbassadors meet parallel to “Overseas Day” to learn about new economic developments and Hamburg’s future projects.

Information from mayor

This year’s meeting will be held under the theme “Hamburg – Science and Innovation”. Dr Rolf Strittmatter, Managing Director of HWF Hamburg Business Development Corporation, said: “Science and innovation are more important for Hamburg today than ever before. They are the key success factors in competition with other economic hubs. This is where Hamburg has plenty to offer and the HamburgAmbassadors help us to make it better known across the world.”

First Mayor Olaf Scholz, Second Mayor Katharina Fegebank and State Council will inform the HamburgAmbassadors about the senate’s main political issues. At present, there are 34 Hamburg Ambassadors in 22 countries.

On the verge of Industry 4.0

The internet and modern technology are shaping producing industries on the verge of Industry 4.0 and companies in Hamburg are hiking their investments as part of digitalisation. Innovative production processes such as 3D printing are already being used. For this reason, science and innovation in the metropolitan region are the main theme at this year’s meeting of ambassadors from May 9-11.

They will be shown practical examples from aviation, medical technology as well as a workshop report by Prof. Dr. Henning Vöpel from the Hamburg Institute of International Economics (HWWI) about the latest level of innovation in north German economic clusters. Prof. Dr. Hans-Jörg Schmidt-Trenz, CEO, Hamburg Chamber of Commerce will give an address on perspectives for Hamburg’s economy.

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About HamburgAmbassadors

HamburgAmbassadors are people who have close links with the city and live permanently abroad where they often have outstanding positions in commerce, culture or society. These are honorary offices to which the mayor appoints candidates. The official title of an ambassador is “Honorary Representative of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg”. The city’s state authorities and institutions are entitled to put forward names for the office of ambassador.

A selection committee comprising representatives of the Senate chancellery, Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, Hamburg Marketing GmbH and HWF Hamburg Business Development Corporation scrutinizes the proposed names. Then proposals are submitted to the First Mayor who nominates the ambassadors.

These honorary representatives work on Hamburg’s behalf in their respective countries. They promote the city on business occasions, by giving a lecture, organizing “Hamburg evenings” to which friends, business partners and decision-makers from the worlds of politics, commerce or society are invited. HamburgAmbassadors are also involved in planning trade fairs, conferences, congresses and receptions and support the city’s activities abroad with their own contact networks.

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