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Chiquita relocates headquarters to Hamburg

Leading fruit traders, Dole and Weichert, already have branches in Hamburg. City becoming banana trading hub

Chiquita Brands International has leased office space (266 squares metres) in Hamburg’s Katharinenquartier district, according to Grossmann & Berger brokers. However, Marc Speidel, Country Director Chiquita, has not been reached to confirm the transfer of the company’s Germany headquarters from Duisburg to Hamburg.

Hamburg’s growing importance in fruit trade

The move would lend even more importance to Hamburg’s role in the fruit trade, especially bananas, as other leading traders such as the fruit importer, Internationale Fruchtimport Gesellschaft Weichert, and Dole Europe GmbH (since 2013) have been managing their European businesses from the city. Chiquita Brands International does business in over 70 countries and counts among the world’s biggest producers of bananas.

Many firms in food industry in Hamburg

Commenting on the decision by Chiquita Deutschland GmbH to relocate to the banks of the Elbe River, Dr. Rolf Strittmatter, HWF Hamburg Business Development Corporation, said: “Hamburg is not only the most important port for the fruit trade in Germany. More and more leading brands in the food industry are using the proficiencies that Hamburg offers for sales headquarters in northern Europe.” Unilever, Edeka or Kellogg’s are among other giants in the food industry with existing branches in Hamburg.

Banana handling increases in port of Hamburg

The amount of bananas handled in the port of Hamburg increased from 363,000 tons to 442,000 tons between 2013 and 2016. Imported fruit including bananas, pineapples, apples or citrus fruit from the HHLA Frucht- und Kühl-Zentrum are handled at O’Swaldka with priority on the all-year round banana turnover. Scheduled services from Central America delete or load additional goods such as meat, fish or pharmaceutical products that have to be refrigerated or need temperature-controlled handling.

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About Chiquita Brands International

Chiquita (Spanish for “little girl”) was founded in 1899 as the United Fruit Company and now has 21,000 employees. The company produces and sells fresh fruit in over 70 countries. The range of products includes bananas, pineapples, fruit snacks, dried fruit, ready-to-eat fruit salads and drinks. In 1944, “Miss Chiquita” was “born” and has since become one of the most famous figures in advertising. The cute little mascot explained the high nutritional value of bananas which were almost unknown at the time. For more information, see:

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