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"Chillmahl Foodstation" providing food for office workers

"Chillmahl Foodstation's" - an alternative to canteens

The Hamburg-based start-up Chillmahl supplies fresh food for employees all over the city. Many companies find it unprofitable to run their own canteen. So the Chillmahl start-up offers a space-saving and cost-efficient solution on just 2 square meters with top quality food at any time, according to the founders.

Alternative to the canteen

Launched in March 2015, the start-up aims to enable companies to give their employees full meals. The Chillmahl food station consists of a refrigerator, a warm-up station and a counter equipped with spices, oil and balsamic vinegar. Employees can help themselves at the food station and pay for their meals on the Chillmahl app or website.


The Chillmahl team relies on freshly prepared food based on the Cook & Chill method. The company and its partner chefs produce fresh food, then cool it down to under 4°C within 90 minutes, pack it and fill the Chillmahl food station in the companies. Dishes can be stored in the food station’s refrigerator for up to four days without any loss of quality. After two or three days, the dishes are replaced by fresh food. Similar to a canteen, the food station provides a main course with meat or a vegetarian dish. The food station offers large and small salads, soups and desserts and can cater for around 50 employees daily.

Chillmahl places special emphasis on sustainability and most packaging consists of sugar cane or cornstarch or recycled materials. The start-up is also keen to avoid waste of food and works closely with Foodsharing Hamburg to this end. The latter collects any unsold food and shares it with others.

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