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Business networks for women in Hamburg

Successful networking can lead to more success - women are communication professionals

Women easily make contacts at events, talks or fairs, exchange real or virtual business cards and expand their networks. Small numbers of businesswomen meet at privately organised events and make even more contacts. Yet other women opt for professionally organised networks. Hamburg News presents diverse women’s networks from the Hamburg Metropolitan Region below:

Business and Professional Women Germany – Club Hamburg e.V.

The Business and Professional Women Germany – Club Hamburg e.V. (BPW) are united by their connection to Hamburg and the wish to network. Its members include women from all kinds of backgrounds and professions and reflect diverse fields of activities. Young professionals, experienced women, self-employed or employed – the network offers all of them a platform for exchange. The BPW club has branches in over 100 countries across five continents and strives for equal opportunities, establishing women in higher specialist and managerial positions and cross networking among experienced professionals and promoting skills. Club meetings are held once a month.

Schöne Aussichten – association of self-employed women

Schöne Aussichten is a nationwide association of self-employed women and recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. The Hamburg branch “Regionalverband Nord” includes over 100 women, who have joined forces to reap the benefits of co-operation, synergy effects and exchanging experiences to boost female entrepreneurship. They meet in various events called lunching ladies, business seminars and small events – networking stints with that little bit extra. Monthly meetings focus on issues such as elevator pitch, social media or what to do in an emergency and instructions for important projects, passwords, codes and PINs. Guests are always welcome at the meetings.

Women in management aka FIM

The nationwide association, Frauen im Management e.V. (FIM), seeks to attract self-employed women and those with managerial responsibility. Objectives include gender equality among professions, in commerce, politics and society. FIM focuses in particular on career support, relationship and contact building as well as networking among networks. The Hamburg-group meets once a month for a talk and discussions afterwards.

Zonta – five clubs in Hamburg

Zonta means friendship and mutual assistance. Over 1,200 Zonta clubs with around 33,000 members exist in 68 countries. The clubs strive to improve women’s positions in legal, political and economic terms. The first Zonta club was set up in the United States in 1919 and every branch works on local, national and international-level projects for disadvantaged and talented women. The first German club was set up in Hamburg in 1931. Apart from regular meetings and events, a “Quintet Meeting” for the members of all five clubs in Hamburg is held annually.

Medical Business Lounge

The Medical Business Lounge focuses on making contacts and cultivating relations. Apart from its function as a network platform, the Medical Business Lounge targets entrepreneurial women in medicine. Meetings are held three to four times a year to support women in terms of legal, strategic, financial and business issues as well as positioning and marketing their practices.

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