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So soll es schon bald in der JAFFE12 aussehen © puhst KG Pressebild

New Impetus for the Business Location Wilhelmsburg

JAFFE12: new industrial complex with gross floor area of 7,000 square metres under construction

On 23 July, a business breakfast will be held to provided information on the business location Wilhelmsburg and to discuss its assets, chances and chances brought along by the International Building Exhibition IBA Hamburg and the International Garden Show igs. Among the speakers will be René Schneiders, managing director of the architectural firm A-Square, and Lars Meyer, managing director of Puhst KG and builder of JAFFE12.

Plans for Wilhelmsburg

With numerous projects in urban development implemented, IBA and igs moved Wilhelmsburg closer to the focus of attention. Next to new housing and innovative building projects, also many green projects such as the Insel Park brought along by igs improved the conditions at the business location Wilhelmsburg. All projects were designed along Hamburg’s “Leap across the Elbe” policy. Whether visions turned into reality, will also be on the agenda of the business breakfast.

New Industrial Complex to Open In Summer

On the site of the former Palminwerke, numerous small businesses and creative enterprises have been operation for more than sixty years. Right next to Phusthof, a new industrial complex with a gross floor area of 7,000 sq m is currently under construction – JAFFE12, with the opening scheduled for summer. At the business club breakfast, the new premises will also be presented.

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