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Business consistently good in Hamburg Metropolitan Region

Upswing continues - economic climate good for investments

The business climate index in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region is consistently good, a press release said Wednesday (December 6, 2017). Around 42.9 per cent of 2,000 companies surveyed in autumn said the present business situation is good, 49.3 per cent rated it satisfactory and only 7.8 per cent as bad, according to the results of the autumn survey. Around 48.3 per of companies in Schleswig-Holstein and 61.2 per cent in the Mecklenburg-Western Pomeranian parts of the metropolitan region said business was good. Over the last year, companies have shown growing readiness to invest. Some 31.1 per cent are planning additional investments and over half of companies wish to continue their present level of investments. Asked about plans for personnel, 20.8 per cent said they intend to raise staff levels while 12.8 per cent expect reductions. Prospects for investments remain largely unchanged.

Security in future

Maike Bielefeldt, General Manager of the Chamber of Commerce in the Elbe-Weser region, noted: “Companies are very satisfied with the commercial development in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region. However, cautious expectations beg the question whether these developments will last. Now, it is our common duty to dispel doubts and to create a positive framework for the future. That means the availability of skilled workers, stable broadband coverage, new roads and railways as well as an innovative education environment. Such are the prerequisites for continued economic growth in our region.”

Optimism in Schleswig-Holstein

Business expectations for the next 12 months are less optimistic than in the first quarter of 2017. Only 18.7 per cent of interviewees expect rather favourable business developments over 22.5 per cent previously. Those expecting rather unfavourable business developments remained almost unchanged at 15.1 per cent. Positive and dampened business expectations in Lower Saxony were almost on a par at 17.9 per cent and 17.6 per cent compared to 22.9 per cent in Schleswig-Holstein and 12.9 per cent.

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