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Bright prospects for Hamburg's building industry

Industrial barometer shows builders in Hamburg satisfied with results - good prospects

More than 90 per cent of industrial companies in Hamburg have expressed satisfaction with the present economic situation, according to a mid-year survey by the Chamber of Commerce for the “Hamburg Industrial Barometer”, a press release said Friday (August 4, 2017). Over half termed business “good”. The business climate index also takes account of future prospects and came to 120.4 points – slightly over the average of 119.3 points for Hamburg’s economy. The building industry was particularly optimistic with a business climate score of 137.1 points, the survey found. Kai Elemendorf, Vice President of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, said: “The building industry’s views are very pleasing and the present industrial situation in Hamburg is positive overall.”

Industrial exports

In reference to exports and key foreign demands, nearly 80 per cent of industrial companies in Hamburg said the situation remains unchanged in terms of future prospects. Every tenth company expects the business situation to improve. Commenting on the importance of digital transformation, Elemendorf stressed: “Companies must be courageous enough to undertake the necessary investments for the future of their businesses and thus in Hamburg as an industrial location.”

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