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Multichannel Konzernvorstand und zukünftiger Vorstandsvorsitzender Alexander Birken © Otto Group

Alexander Birken to become CEO of Otto Group

Birken succeeds Hans-Otto Schrader at helm

Alexander Birken is to become the Otto Group’s new CEO from January 1, 2017 and will succeed Hans-Otto Schrader, who is leaving the board of his accord and on reaching the age limit for executive board members, in place at the company, of 60 years.

International experience and digitally competent

Birken, 51, has been working for the Otto Group since 1991. At present, he is the spokesman for the single company OTTO, and in his capacity as Member of the Executive Board Otto Group, Multichannel Distance Selling, he is responsible for the strategic further development of the aforementioned company as well as that of the Baur Group, the Bonprix Group, Otto Group Russia, the Schwab Group and the Witt Group. Thus, he is already responsible for around half of the Otto Group’s revenue of over EUR 12 billion.

Dr. Michael Otto, Chairman of the Board, stressed: “Alexander Birken has wide-ranging, international experience, great digital competence and his very high personal integrity makes him the ideal occupant (of this position) and to lead our group of companies well in future.”

Advancing digital strategy of Otto Group

The incumbent CEO, Hans-Otto Schrader, has been at Otto Group for 39 years – 17 of which were on the executive board. According to an investigation by “NDR”:“,otto604.html und””:, Schrader will move to the supervisory board on completing his present office. In his nine years as CEO, Schrader drove forward the Otto Group’s digital strategy decisively, according to a company statement.

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Über die Otto Group

The Otto Group is one of the world’s largest mail order and e-commerce companies. It is based mainly in Germany and France, but operates 123 companies in over 30 countries. The business activities are spread across three main sectors: multichannel retail, financial services and services. The Otto Group has domestic firms and companies operating abroad in the core business sector, multichannel retail. Their products are sold via e-commerce, catalogues and in stationary retail businesses. The financial services segment includes receivables management, information management and cash flow management. The service business segment includes logistics and Otto Group’s purchasing companies. Headquartered in Hamburg, Werner Otto founded the company in 1949. More information on:

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