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Better Marketing of Inventions and Innovations

Patent promotors from Hamburg and Bremen deepen their co-operation

Located at TuTech Innovation, the Hamburg patent utilisation agency and the Bremen patent agency InnoWi are expanding their co-operation. The aim is to enlarge the sphere of influence in the marketing of patents and enhancing the technology development in North-West Germany.

Larger Portfolio

Commissioned by universities and research institutes, patent exploitation agencies are constantly looking for companies seeking inventions to turn into marketable products. The new co-operation will now allow to also present the portfolio of the partner-PVA when addressing potential companies. “Naturally, each of us knows the companies in their own network best. Now, we can also offer the patents of our partner, and thus enlarge the bandwidth of our portfolio,” says Lieselotte Riegger from InnoWi. “A wider range in the portfolio increases not only the chance to identify synergies for both agencies, but also expand the marketing opportunities of their own projects.”

Exchange of Expertise

The co-operation will also cover the exchange of specialised knowledge. Last year, the respective partner has already been asked to evaluate an invention and marketing in several projects. The exchange of expertise will be actively supported by an employee, available for both agencies also at short notice. “The co-operation between InnoWi and TuTech offers immense benefits for universities and research institutions. Both agencies will be able to expand their valuation and retrieve additional expertise, enabling them to offer to their customers an even wider range of activities. Such partnerships bring added value to all”, emphasises Markus Kähler of the PVA Hamburg.

Co-operation at Scientific Level

On the part of the Technical University Hamburg (TUHH), Professor Dr.-Ing. Andreas Timm-Giel, Vice President Research, welcomes the new co-operation. “Responding to limited financial resources, the North German universities and research institutions need to closely collaborate to remain competitive on a national and international level. Today, this co-operation has already been taking place on a scientific level, with joint seminars, workshops, and assistance missions having been set up. We thus made first agreements with the University Medical Centre Hamburg-Eppendorf, the German Electron Synchrotron DESY and the Helmholtz Centre Geesthacht. Further agreements are in preparation. I am pleased that also co-operation has been set up with our neighbour in patent licensing, creating synergies and allowing us able to offer even better deals for the universities and research institutions in Hamburg and Bremen.”

Acting as adviser, organiser, promoter, initiator and co-ordinator, TuTech Innovation GmbH aims at exploring the entrepreneurial and scientific potential. TuTech Innovation GmbH also offers organisational and commercial services on all topics around the knowledge and technology transfer.

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