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Beiersdorf AG to build new headquarters in Hamburg

Company to invest EUR 230 million in new headquarters in Hamburg-Eimsbüttel

Beiersdorf AG is investing EUR 230 million in a new headquarters and research centre in Hamburg-Eimsbüttel, a press said release Thursday (June 26, 2017). The announcement is a clear indication of the company’s wish to continue its 135-year tradition in Hamburg, the senate said in a statement. The announcement comes in the wake of a survey, which found that three-thirds of people in Hamburg believe industry “plays an important to indispensible role in the future of the city.” The survey was carried out following the implementation of the ‘Industrial Master Plan’.

Mix of living and working

The investment will secure around 3,000 jobs in Hamburg in the long-term. Buildings in Troplowitz Street will be refurbished and complement building nos. 1.5 and 3 as well as raising Beiersdorf’s visibility in Eimsbüttel. Scholz said: “Industry counts among the most important employers, contractors and catalysts in Hamburg. I am glad that Beiersdorf AG is sending a clear signal of its commitment to Hamburg and Eimsbüttel by building the new headquarters and expanding research facilities. That secures 3,000 jobs in an inner-city suburb. It shows that combining living and working is relevant. Suburbs become vibrant and attractive when people find work locally. Beiersdorf and Eimsbüttel have always been closely linked and will remain so in this way.”

Commitment to Hamburg

Stefan F. Heidenreich, CEO of Beiersdorf AG said: “Beiersdorf’s new headquarters in Hamburg sends a clear signal for growth in future. The construction is an expression of trust in our business strength. The planned, extensive investment is a commitment to Germany and Hamburg. Cosmopolitanism and internationality are common to Beiersdorf and Hamburg. They go well together.“

Investment in research and development

Beiersdorf has been located in Eimsbüttel, which borders on three other boroughs, for decades. The new headquarters will replace the present building on the site between Unna Street und Quickborn Street. The construction also foresees another office building, a research centre and a two-storey underground car park. The research building is due for completion in early 2020 and will allow Beiersdorf to expand its research and development capacities in Hamburg by 11,000 square metres to 45,000 square metres in total.

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