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Robot Manufacturing With Hamburg "Eyes"

Ginolis, a Finnish manufacturer of medical equipment, relies in its robot-based production on high-precious cameras from Basler

Manufacturing of medical devices requires special care; you need to work in a very precise and cost-efficient manner. On top of that, you must be able to adapt to the different needs and requirements of your customers. High precision is crucial. Thus, vision systems with digital cameras are becoming more and more important for medical applications – from diagnosis and patient treatment to the production of medical devices and components. A specialist from the Hamburg Metroplitan Region meets the demands: Basler from Ahrensburg. A Finish manufacturer of medical equipment has now chosen Basler’s high-precion cameras for robot-based production: Ginolis.

Automated Production of High-Precision In-Vitro-Diagnostics

Headquartered in Oulu with branches in Uppsala and San Diego, Ginolis designed a modular desktop robotic production cell that helps their customers to automate their respective production processes for manufacturing high-precision in-vitro diagnostic disposables, an integrated a vision system into its robot production cell. This vision system uses the advantages of Basler’s dart camera. The dart is a board level camera that allows customers to integrate it in almost every kind of vision system, due to its small size and low weight.

Miniature Camera for Robot Production

Ginolis specialises in developing and providing cost-efficient, disposable test platforms combined with automated manufacturing solutions for the global diagnostic and MedTech industries. Furthermore, they offer original design manufacturing services for the production of high precision in-vitro diagnostic (IVD) disposables. These IVD disposables are built by using desktop robot production cells. Ginolis came up with a new platform design for a robot production cell with a very small footprint. Just of 27 mm × 27 mm in size. Basler’s board level camera was the ideal fit for the robot production cell.

Simple Detection

The first Ginolis product to incorporate the dart camerais the Lateral Flow Test Assembly (LFA) robot. Lateral flow tests are simple devices intended to detect the presence of a target analyte in a sample. A widely used and well known application of such devices is the home pregnancy test. The vision system inspects the components and material fed into the robot, analyses their positions to ensure a high-precision assembly, verifies that all components are assembled correctly and then inspects the final product. If one of these components is broken, defective or in any other way not correct, the robotic production cell rejects the component.

Modular and Flexible

Ginolis chose the Basler daA1280-54um because of the flexibility granted by its different optical mount options. The monochrome camera is sufficient for this application, since it is more important to spot defects and irregularities on the surface of the components, than to examine different colors. Ginolis’ modular approach enables their customers to invest in the automation of their production earlier. They can produce IVD devices as they need them, right at the point-of-care. As sales increase, they can also increase production.

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