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"Eyes" from Ahrensburg for Japan

Basler ace GigE Cameras are the eyes of TEAC's multi-functional data recorder for industry use

The human brain only has a limited ability to capture and store detailed information, so it becomes difficult to report observations or experiences after some hours or days have passed. To compensate for this, and to enable the storage of data on many channels at the same time, TEAC developed a multi-functional data recorder to record, store and retrieve the information which is an indispensable ingredient for intellectual activity and analysis.

Multifunctional Data Recorder for Industry Use

In order to fulfil market requirements, TEAC created innovative expansions on the analog video recording technologies that have been used for decades in field testing environments and released the new highly functional data recorder, VR-24. This data recorder is particularly suitable for automotive and railway testing, including finished vehicle testing, Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH) claim management, quality assurance tests and many more. This standalone video data recorder allows the user to record two channel HD video and analog sensor signals along with CAN, GPS and pulse data in perfect synchronisation. All recorded video and data can be reviewed on screen without connecting to a PC.

Special Cameras From Ahrensburg

TEAC incorporates Basler cameras into the data recorder because these cameras ideally meet TEAC’s requirements. After various tests and evaluations, Basler ace series cameras, which come with highly cost-optimized design and Basler’s proven reliability were selected as the most suitable cameras. Excellent image quality and speed were the main considerations for the choice. The ace series cameras are able to deliver superior image quality while offering great stability for continuous frame acquisition requirements of up to 120fps without losing connection. In addition, the comprehensive range of the ace GigE camera series ensures that users can easily find the most suitable cameras for future integration when there is a need to achieve higher resolutions or speed. Furthermore, the GigE Vision interface is a popular and proven standard data interface in the vision market. The ace Gigabit Ethernet models offer the widest technological flexibility with regard to bandwidth and multi-camera functionality, and easily fulfill the requirement of ten metres cable length because this technology is tested with maximum cable length of 100 metres.

Two Specialists

TEAC Corporation is a global electronics design and manufacturing company based in Japan. The company is highly regarded around the world for its audio, image and video recording leading-edge technologies. Basler is the world’s largest producer of digital cameras for industrial applications in the world by volume. Manufacturers of equipment, machines, and plants incorporate Baslers cameras into their own products. Founded in 1988, the publicly traded company with headquarters in Ahrensburg in the Hamburg Metropolitan Region is presented word-wide by multiple subsidiaries and representative offices in Europe, the United States and Asia. More than 80 per cent of Baslers products are manufactured for export.

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