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Awards for HAW scientists

At the European Comsol Conference 2014 in Cambridge, a team of scientists from HAW Hamburg were granted the Best Paper Award for their article "3D Acoustic Streaming Field in HID Lamps".

The excellent article shows first results of a research project that aims to develop energy-efficient high performance lights for the target. So-called HID lamps or high-pressure discharge lamps could, for instance, be used in street lighting and stages. In order to be able to operate them with high energy efficient AC frequencies, a key technical problem had to be solved: How can the adverse effects of sound waves generated by AC be minimised?

Milestone for innovative lamps

“The article describes a method for calculating the flow conditions in HID lamps. The medium-term goal is the flickering light to avoid the high-frequency operation of the lamps”, explains Prof. Bernd Baumann, head of the Department of Mechanical and Production of the HAW Hamburg. Together with Prof. Marcus Wolff and the graduate student Jörg Schweiger, he conducts a BMBF-funded project in co-operation with Philips Lighting at the Heinrich Blasius Institute. “With the description of a method for calculating the flow conditions in HID lamps, an important first step towards the development of energy efficient and environmentally friendly high-pressure discharge lamps has been done,” says Prof. Bernd Baumann, who accepted the award in Cambridge from the hands of Swante Littmarck, President and CEO of Comsol AB.

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